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      Your current location:Home > Net service > Service Process
      Service Process:
      1: contact / communication
      contact us to provide your needs and contact address
      2: Single / delivery
      to determine the product type and duration of the goods
      3: Contract / Payment
      draw up a contract and signing arrange payment transfers)
      4: QA / delivery
      product quality testing, arrange the logistics out of the library)
      5: return single / follow-up
      customer sign, orders were members of the quantity and quality of follow-up
      6: Service / security
      recommended product use and maintenance services, product quality problems the first time to provide protection
      7: Identification / visit
      man-made or identify quality issues, sales director returning customers
      8: report / summary
      provide quality report summarizing the status of products and markets, according to the actual situation of claims
      9: Input / Archive
      input file information, organize and market the product quality file archives