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      Twelfth China International Tire Exhibition
      News Source:      Time:2014-09-09      View:1107

      Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

      Date: September 10, 2014 -12 days
      Over the past year, the vagaries of the global economic structure, China's share of the tire in the world continues to grow. As Asia's leading tire trade platform: "China International Tire Expo." Focused on the global and national purchasing power of tires and peripheral products to meet the 7200 high gold content of professional buyers, including 3,030 foreign buyers from 103 countries and regions beyond the expectations of the exhibitors. Jianxin will work together to build a new rubber tire to participate in this exhibition, welcome to visit the country at all levels of dealers. Jianxin tire specifications will continue to develop new high-quality tires, provide cost-effective all-steel radial tires for everyone.

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